Yoga For Strengthening Back and Wrists

Yoga – Makes Happiest Life

Yoga is the most powerful activity in the world. It reduces your pain, make yourself relief from stress, increases health to your body and lead a happy life. In this section we will see about how to strengthen your back and wrists with simple yogasana’s, because our body’s one of the important part is back and wrists. Without these we can’t able to do anything. Let’s see about more.

Purvottanasana – Strengthen Back and Wrists:


This is the simple yogasana where every one can able to do right from child to old adults, very easy asana pose which makes your back and wrists strong and increases ability.

Let’s see how to do this simple yoga,


Step 1:

Lie on the floor by using mat with your hands and legs should closed to your body and take a breathe in and breathe out for a while.

Step 2:

Make your hands closed down (palm should face the ground) equal to your hips.

Step 3:

Give a force to your hands by breathing in and push your hands to raise your body straight, your foot should completely face the ground and do not bent your knee.

Step 4:

Slowly move your hands straight to your shoulder. ie.,your hands should be parallel to your shoulder and your body should be straight.

Step 5:

Bent down your neck and take a breathe in and breathe out process and stand in this pose for a minute and then come back to normal position. Repeat it for 10 – 15 times in a day.

By repeating this process daily, soon after your body will always be brisk and effective and makes enthusiastic of your back and wrists.

Should Not Do:

Those who have injuries in neck or wrists, those people should not follow this exercises. Kindly contact your paediatrician for further exercises.

Other Benefits of Purvottanasana

  • Helps to strengthen the arms and legs
  • Makes stretching of chest and spine
  • Helps to relaxing the mind and body

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