Women’s Health

1.Drinks that Reduce/Slim your Belly – Women’s Health

Watermelon Smoothie – Women’s Health

watermelon smoothie

Green Tea

green tea

Dark Chocolate Shake

dark chocolate shake

2.This Workout can Insanely Effective Way to Sculpt Your Body


Squat to overhead squeeze:

Hope you’re prepared to get the chance to work since this move is going to bring it. Work your lower body, center, radiant glutes, arms, and shoulders with every last rep. In the event that you’re tallying, yes, that is the greater part of the muscles. We should get to it! – Women’s Health.


Grab a pair of Dumbbells and hold them next to your shoulders.


Lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Stand up and press the dumbbells directly above your shoulders.

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