Leg Press


Step 1: Utilizing a leg press machine, take a seat on the machine and place your legs on the stage specifically before you at a medium (shoulder width) foot position for your thighs workout.

|Note: For the motivations behind this exchange we will utilize the medium position depicted above which targets general advancement; in any case you can pick any of the three positions portrayed in the foot situating segment.|

Step 2: Bring down the well being bars holding the weighted stage set up and press the stage as far as possible up until your legs are completely reached out before you. Tip: Make beyond any doubt that you don’t bolt your knees. Your middle and the legs ought to make a flawless 90-degree edge. This will be your beginning position.


Step 3: As you breathe in, gradually bring down the stage until your upper and lower legs make a 90-degree point.

Step 4: Pushing for the most part with the heels of your feet and utilizing the quadriceps do a reversal to the beginning position as you breathe out.

Step 5: Rehash for the prescribed measure of repetitions and guarantee to bolt the self locking sticks legitimately once you are finished. You don’t need that stage falling on you completely stacked.

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