Front Barbell Raise


Step 1: Receive a pronated, shoulder-width hold on the barbell from a standing position for shoulder workouts.

Step 2: Permit your arms to hang straight down to mid thigh with the elbows broadened. Your head ought to confront forward, with your shoulders back and your mid-section up. Keep up an impartial spine and contract your abs to give center backing. This will be your beginning position for shoulder workouts.

shoulder workouts

Step 3: Start the development by flexing the shoulder, raising the weight straight out before you. Keep the elbows expanded and the wrist unbiased all through the development. Proceed with the upward development of the arms until the barbell is simply above shoulder stature.

Step 4: At the highest point of the movement, stop quickly, and after that gradually come back to the beginning position.

Step 5: Repeat the same process for certain repetitions.

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