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Sapna Vyas Patel Skin Care Tips

The most viral searches about a women name Sapna Vyas Patel, she is the most prominent inspiration to all as she reduced 36 kgs of her weight in just a year. As she mentioned about to reduce weight and stay fit, now she mentioning about to take care of skin for glowing with fitness. Thus, she called as sapna vyas patel skin care tips. She provided the best thing out for skin care with listed below.

sapna vyas patel skin care

Prevent Stretch Marks

  • Massage your skin for 5-7 minutes daily before bathing.
  • Keep skin moisturized after bathing.Creams containing cocoa butter,shea butter,vitamin C and vitamin E are effective with prolonged use.Rub the creams onto your skin at least twice a day after taking a shower.


  • Slice cucumbers into thick slices and places a slice over each eye.Do this daily for 10-15 minutes.OR
  • Massage with almond oil under and around eyes.OR
  • Apply a mixture of lemon juice and tomato juice for 5 minutes.OR
  • Dip cotton balls in rose water and apply to under eye for 10 minutes.OR
  • Apply potato juice below your eyes.It helps to lighten the skin.


  • Apply honey on your face.It has antibacterial oil twice or thrice a week.You can choose coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil for your hair AND
  • Trim off damaged and split ends frequently.AND
  • Once a week apply warm green tea bags brewed water.It contains antioxidants and can prevent hair loss and help hair growth.Leave on for one hour and rinse.


  • Lose weight gradually AND
  • Exercise to maintain muscle tone.AND
  • Keep your skin moisturized.AND
  • Eat a healthy and well balanced diet.AND
  • Avoid crash dieting


  • Lose weight gradually.As the skin shrinks it loses its elasticity, especially in cases of rapid weight loss.Loss of collagen fibers in the dermis is what causes stretch marks to show through the top layer of skin.
  • perform exercise while losing weight.It assists the body in maintaining firm skin and decrease the development of stretch marks.
  • Drink lot of water .It flushes toxins from your body and keeps your body and skin hydrates.
  • Make sure in your diet you are getting plenty of protein and foods rich in vitamin A,C and E, they promote good tissue growth.
  • Get plenty of sleep.Sleep every night for at least 8 hours.
  • Wear sunglasses.Shield your eyes form harmful UV rays with sunglasses.
  • Reduce stress.
  • If you smoke:reduce it eventually quit.
  • Reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake.
  • Stop rubbing your eyes.
  • Avoid wearing makeup.
  • Keep  your pillow cover clean.
  • Do not squeeze your pimples or blackheads.
  • Avoid using greasy oils and harsh chemicals on your hair.


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