Remove Black Spots On Your Face Quickly

How Black Spots Are Formed ?

In our face there are two types of cells are considered one is ‘Active Cells’ and other is ‘Dead Cells’. Active cells make your face glow brightly and it is almost healthy cells. Dead cells will make your face dirty and spoil your skin. All dead cells should be removed often, the dead cell will stay and do not allow to grow active cell and so black spots on your face is seen.

black spots

Many women will do apply floor on their face but it will not workout. Also this may have health problems on your skin and loss of active cells on your face.

We have a perfect solution for complete removing of black spots on your face and makes your skin glow brightly and increases your skin health and natural faces.

Home Made Therapy For Removing Black Spots

Four ingredients makes this awesome solution…

#1 Turmeric powder [2-teaspoon] 

black spots

#2 Papaya [1/2 cup]

black spots

#3 Lime Juice [2-teaspoon]

black spots

#4 Honey [1-teaspoon]

black spots

Simple Preparation

  • Crush all the papaya pieces until it get smooth paste.
  • Add turmeric powder and lime juice in to it and mix it up.
  • Finally, add honey to the top and mix well deeply.
  • Apply on your face completely for 20 minutes and let to dry.
  • After that clean your face with cold water and you will see the magic happen on your face.
  • All the dead cells will be removed at the first stage and remove black spots then. 

|Note: If you have more dark spots use this method daily to cure quickly or if you have less spots use twice in a week so that your face contain only active cells.

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