Reduce your Weight and Purify Your Blood

Weight Loss and Purify your Blood: 

Have to purify your blood ? Our body is the most complicated structure where as every parts of body should function well and also to maintain in a good state. Our body is filled with blood and it circulates all over body and functions our body’s system. While the blood flow has two types one is pure blood and other is impure blood. Weight loss is the another needed for everyone who has over weight.

To purify the impure blood and recycle as a pure blood and uses for our healthy body. Gradually weight loss can be done for people who needs to reduce their weight.

Cabbage, Lemon, Apple Juice for Weight Loss and Blood Purifier:



Cabbage or Broccoli


Vitamin A

Vitamin B6

Vitamin C




weight lossVitamin A

Vitamin C





weight loss

Vitamin B6

Vitamin C




These fruits will be available in all stores and markets and when you are thinking about to do, in that mean time you can prepare within minutes.

How to Prepare ?

  • Take some amount of cabbage and slice it down.
  • Remove the inner middle part of apple. Slice into five pieces.
  • Remove the skin of lemon. Squeeze the half lemon.
  • Add these three fruits in a juice mixer for a minute.

          |Note: Do not add sugar or salt

  • Filter the unwanted from juices and serve it daily. Also add some Mint leaves if needed.
  • Your blood will be purified everyday and this juice makes you to reduce your weight.

Additional Benefits

  • Cures Fever
  • Cures Cholera
  • Contains Anti – Oxidants
  • Calcium makes your bone strong
  • Increases Iron content

weight loss


These simple steps for making a juice has rich in benefits and everyone must have it in your day to day life. Women’s should compulsory intake it for calcium, iron and magnesium strength to your body. Pregnant ladies can take. Old peoples can take for active and fresh.

Quick Overview:

Take cabbage, five pieces of apple and half lemon, Add these three in the juice mixer for a minute, Stir it and Serve it.

Increase your body activeness, purifies your blood and reduces your weight by gradual weight loss.


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