Moringa / Drumstick Benefits and Medicinal Value

Moringa / Drumstick 

One of the high healthy vegetable is likely called as moringa or drumstick. Every one of us will be a great lover for this vegetable. The taste will stick on our tongue even after eating. Children’s will like and eat more, of course every people like to have it. Since it is a green vegetable, It has a more amount of medicinal benefits and makes very healthy to our body. It also very helpful in our sexual life. Let’s see about more details…


Not only moringa vegetable, the whole tree gives us medicinal value from each parts on the tree. These parts will provide us different medicines for various diseases and made you healthy.

Moringa Flower


This flower contains high medicinal value. Flower will gives us vegetable and fruit but this flower will give us vegetable as well as medicine. The flower from this tree helps you to lose your body heat. Body heat will make your eyes reddish and irritates your sight and makes you lazy. To avoid these heat make a fry of this flower and have it on your breakfast.

Moringa Vegetable


High benefits included vegetable which gives you strong and healthy body. Early stage of this vegetable growing contains a good and energy increasing power. You can make a fry with ghee for additional taste and increase your body strength. This vegetable will cure your disordering of digestive systems, wounds on your stomach, relief pain on your ankles or legs and increase your stamina for sexual hormones. You should have this food twice in a week so that you will be a good strength enough.

Moringa Leaves


Remove all the leaves from the branches and made a soup with these leaves and drink daily with adding some pepper, It will reduce your body pain, legs and hands pain, elbow or foot or ankle pains. This leaves contains calcium and magnesium which gives health to your bones. Pregnant ladies should have often so that bones become stronger and your baby also gets stronger bones.

Make fry this leaves and eat thrice in a week, those who have a lack of blood in their body (anemic diseases) can able to cure by increasing your blood content. This will increases your hemoglobin to your body and makes you fresh and active. Also increases Iron content, Calcium, Magnesium to your body.

From these vegetable you can able to make your body very stronger and get free from diseases. The other benefits of this vegetable will provide as

  • Bone strength and cure vitamin deficiency 
  • Increase your sperm level
  • Increase your sexual hormones
  • Makes you active and fresh always

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