Air bike



Step 1:Lie level on the floor with your lower back squeezed to the ground. For this activity, you should put your hands next to your head. Be cautious however to not strain with the neck as you perform it. Presently lift your shoulders into the crunch position.

Step 2:Bring knees up to where they are opposite to the floor, with your lower legs parallel to the floor. This will be your beginning position.

Step 3:Presently at the same time, gradually experience a cycle pedal movement kicking forward with the right leg and getting the knee of the left leg. Convey your right elbow near your left knee by crunching to the side, as you inhale out.

Step 4:Backtrack to the underlying position as you take in.

Step 5:Smash to the inverse side as you cycle your legs and convey nearer your left elbow to your right knee and breathe out.

Step 6:Keep exchanging in this way until the greater part of the prescribed redundancies for every side have been finished.

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