Yoga To Cure Menses Problems For Girls

Girls – MenstruationCure By Yoga 

Most commonly every teenage girls will get stomach pain. Every girl and women will have their menses on every month. During their periods the girl or women will be more uncomfortable if their periods is not healthy. (ie., no proper menses). The women will get pain for 3 – 5 days in a period, All the unwanted bloods or fluids will be terminated out by mensuration process. If the mensuration process is proper ie., Every month women will have their menses properly which means healthy. If your menses is not in proper you will suffer healthy issues like loss of body weight, loss of blood, Immune system will reduce, stomach pain etc. To cure some common problems we providing yoga can do by home daily to avoid these problems.

Look our simple chart to understand how menses works for women…


Common Issues:

  • Teenage girls are experiencing more problems like pain, improper time of periods etc.,
  • Married women’s will get delay up to 2 – 3 months gap.
  • Pregnant ladies are affecting more day by day. And more issues, we providing solutions…

Simple Yoga To Cure Such Problems:

Yoga plays an important role in every ones life. A person who instantly do yoga regularly will always be healthy and here too we claiming a yoga called “Padangusthasana” for menses problems in girls. We providing step by step process on how to do it and how can obtain the benefits.



Padangusthasana is an easy yogasana that every girl and women even old people can do from their home daily to cure common problems that every women will feel uncomfortable. Here look out our steps to perform this asana.


Step 1:

Stand on the floor with your legs closed inside (ie., make your legs to touch each other but don’t bent your knees). Stand erectly.

Step 2:

Bent down your hip and front body down to the ground, your hand should touch the ground or should touch your front toe.

Step 3:

Do not bent your knees while your head should touches your knee. Some people cannot able to touch their knee rather they can slightly bent their knees.

Step 4:

Be in that position for 10 seconds and release to normal position, take a breathe and again start the pose for 10 times in a day or do as much as you can.

Step 5:

Do regular practices of this yoga so that your menses problem will be disappear and you can maintain as healthier body and free from diseases. Get rid out of fear in your period days.

Every girl, women should follow this simple yoga to maintain their menstruation cycle in a proper way and you can free from diseases and lead a happy life forever.


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