Simple Yoga to Cure Indigestion

Simple Asanas To Cure Indigestion

Make clear about what is Indigestion ? What are the reasons ? and How to cure by simple yoga asanas ? Everything provided in detail to know and understand how to be in fitness….and more


In our day to day life we usually consumes healthy foods as well as unhealthy foods. Eating food should get digested in our stomach and it transforms equally to all parts of our body to become healthier. If eating food should not get digested properly you will suffer some problems and this is termed as Indigestion. Indigestion occurs normally by our eating type of food and this will cause some problems like gastric problem, dysentery, stomach pain etc., you cannot be normal during this time and you will suffer.

Reason Behind

Generally climatic change will result in this problem because of loss of heat in our body so that our body’s digestion system will not work properly. Loss of enzymes secretion is the another reason for indigestion because it fails due to loss of heat in our body.

Eating oil foods or cholesterol food items will not digest quickly and result in indigestion. Finally to cure indigestion we are providing simple yoga asanas that you can do in your home.

Remedy Steps by Yoga 




Step 1: Initially sit on a floor with mat. Sit by your knees touching each other.

Step 2: Your upper toe should completely touch the ground. And sit on your lower toe as picture displays above.

Step 3: Sit straightly while your back bone should be erect.

Step 4: Slowly take deep breathe in for 5 seconds and breathe out completely.

|Note : Take deep breathe in where your stomach gets completely inside your body.

Step 5: Repeat this process for a minute and relax. After that do for one more time. Do in morning and evening.

These asanas will help you to cure indigestion problem also prevent you for future problems. This is the simple easy yoga that everyone can do to bring into healthier life.

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