How To Increase Sperm Count Naturally ?

Male Infertility

Male infertility is the most common problem in men that are affected by above 69% all over the world. According to the recent research, Man should contain 20 million per ml of semen (sperms). Fewer than 15 million per ml of semen is considered to be a low sperm count. This kind of dysfunction is called as ‘Oligozoospermia’. Low sperm count affects your healthy body and dissatisfaction in your sexual life. We are providing an effective method on ‘How to increase sperm count naturally ?’, reasons and natural therapy to cure by yourself.

Reason For Oligozoospermia [Low Sperm Count]

how to increase sperm count

The big reasons for your low sperm count is,

#1 Smoking

Cigarette smoking is the major cause for your low sperm count. A person who smokes will lose 22% of his sperm count when comparing to a person who do not smoke. So better avoid smoking to boost your sperm count and increase your fertility.

#2 Frequent Ejaculation

Frequent sperm ejaculation is another reason for your sperm loss, Your body will produce millions of sperms each day and it will lose by frequent ejaculation while masturbating or having sexual activities daily.

#3 Chemicals and Toxins

Chemical industries contains more toxins substances that will reduce your sperm count and size also affects your body. To avoid consider wearing safety gloves, glass, etc to increase sperm counts.

#4 Medications Intake

Medicines that you are in taking will have an ability to lower your sperms according to its drug type. Those medicines will lower your sperms so to avoid consult with a doctor before intake.

How To Increase Sperm Count Naturally ?

We are providing natural remedies for how to increase sperm count for men by their daily food intakes. This will really help you out and provide best results for your health and sexual life.

how to increase sperm count

#Dark Chocolate

how to increase sperm count

Dark chocolate contains L-Arginine, this will increase your count and also increase your intensity of orgasms.


how to increase sperm count

Eggs helps in production of strong sperms in your testis.


how to increase sperm count

Banana contain an enzyme called bromelain which will increase male libido. It contains high in Vitamin B produces high energy and make you strong in your sexual intercourse.


how to increase sperm count

Garlic is an effective food that are used for various physical infections and it will boost your stamina and increases sperm count for longer intercourse and makes you healthy.


how to increase sperm count

Almonds have rich in increasing your sperm cells and boost your stamina for longer and stronger also increases your birth fertility rate.

And Many Other Related Foods and Practices For Increasing Sperm Counts Are Listed…

Fruits – Oranges, Pomegranate, Avocado, Water Melon, etc
Vegetables – Carrots, Spinach, Tomato etc
FleshBeef Liver, Chicken, Fish etc
ExercisesJogging, Yoga

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