How to Gain Weight ?

How to Gain Weight ?:

There are numerous eating methodologies that can work how to gain weight. The key is finding something that you would like and can make sticky for long haul. Here are feast gets ready for 4 sound eating methodologies that are experimentally turned out to be compelling. Every one of them incorporate point by point data on sustenance’s to eat, nourishment’s to keep away from, alongside test menus, records on shopping to clarifies each portion of the key ideas.

how to gain weight

goat-cheese-lentil-salad_0.jpggoat-cheese-lentil-salad_0_01. Low-Carb, Real Food Based Diet

2. The low-carb, genuine sustenance based eating regimen is ideal for individuals who need to get in shape, enhance well being and lower the danger of sickness. [Read more… ]

3. Lady Wondering Whether to Eat Meat or Vegetables

4. It is an adaptable eating routine and you can tweak your sugar admission relying upon your objectives.

This type eating methods always high in vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, natural products, nuts and fats, yet low in starches, sugars and handled nourishment’s.

How to Gain Weight within two weeks ?

Should Eat These Foods:

  • MeatBeef, lamb, pork, chicken and others. Grass-fed is best.        5522409_orig
  • FishFish has high in proteins, should take more fish like salmon, trout and etc.
  • EggsTake 3 – 5 eggs every day and eat more white egg and eat minimum of yellow yolk.
  • Vegetables: Take more amount of vegetables with low fatty oil cooked (spinach, carrot, beans, lady’s finger, broccoli, etc.,).
  • FruitsEat maximum of fruits to increase your vitamins and minerals on your body.
  • Nuts and SeedsEat almonds, nuts and more nuts and seeds without fat content.
  • High-Fat Dairy: Drink two glasses of milk or chocolate milk shakes also add little butter and cheese.
  • Fats and Oils: Should need fat content as a minimum for your body, take coconut oil in your foods or olive oils.


gain weight


8:00                            –                 1 cup milk+Dry fruits(cashew nut or almond)  6nos

9:30                            –                  Breakfast+3 boiled eggs.

11:30                           –                  Apple or pomegranate 1nos.


1:30                             –                  Lunch with vegetables+3 boiled eggs

3:30                            –                   2 green Banana.


6:30                            –                  4 Bread + peanut Butter.


9:30                            –                  5 chapathi+ 250gms of chicken.

Before Bed                –                   1 cup of milk+ 2 green Banana.

Follow these steps regularly for a week you will get excited of your body’s growth

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