Diet Management

This type of eating regimen arrangement makes to pick up 3-5 kgs within 15 days.But you should proceed with this for two weeks diet plan.





8:00                            –                 1 cup milk+Dry fruits(cashew nut or almond)  6nos

9:30                            –                  Breakfast+3 boiled eggs.

11:30                           –                  Apple or pomegranate 1nos.


1:30                             –                  Lunch with vegetables+3 boiled eggs

3:30                            –                   2 green Banana.


6:30                            –                  4 Bread + peanut Butter.


9:30                            –                  5 chapathi+ 250gms of chicken.

Before Bed                –                   1 cup of milk+ 2 green Banana.

Follow these steps regularly for a week you will get excited of your body’s growth


DAY 1 – Fresh Fruits

Eat only Fresh Fruits like apple, orange, muskmelon, watermelon, grapes, cucumber etc., These fruits makes your body strengthening like adding liquid content, vitamins, minerals, acid neutralizes. So that, your body will be powered.

Note: Eat for 6 times in a day, because this causes you to make hungry often.

Morning   8:30 & 10:30 am

Afternoon01:00 & 04:00

Evening    – 06:00 & 09:00 pm

Note: Go to bed earlier and you will be exciting of next day freshness, you will get a change in you.

DAY 2 – Fresh Vegetables

Eat only Fresh Vegetables like carrot, beans, lady’s finger, cabbage, all types of spinach, brocolli etc., with very little amount of oil and low boiled vegetables should take, which adds vitamins and minerals.

Note: Eat for 6 times in a day, because this causes you to make hungry often.

Morning   – 8:30 & 10:30 am

Afternoon 01:00 & 04:00

Evening    06:00 & 09:00 pm

DAY 3 – Fruits and Vegetables

Eat both Fruits and Vegetables as per first two days diet plan which your body gets neutralizes and removes all waste content to makes you fresh.

DAY 4 – Milk and Banana

Take 200 ml of milk and 5 nos of banana to get even more stronger.

Morning   – 1 glass of Milk and 3 banana

Afternoon  – 1 1/2 glass of Milk and 5 banana

Evening    –  1 glass of Milk and 4  banana

You can eat as much of banana’s and drink milk when you are hungry, make sure should add less amount of sugar.

DAY 5 – Vegetables

On day 5 you can follow 2nd day plan as eating vegetables also add fruits and milkshakes etc which makes you healthy.

Note: Don’t eat any more foods other than this diet plan, Eat as much as here mentioned.

DAY 6 – Rice

On 6th day you can take rice foods and high amount of protein intake foods, because your body needs rich in carbohydrates and protein.

Note: Eat for 3 times in a day, also added previous day plans too

DAY 7 – Completing the Plan

On day 7 is your final day, just check your weight and you will realize your weight loss up to 4-5 Kgs, and you can eat as your wish on day 7 and maintain your body weight then.

Note: Do Exercises regularly to maintain the same weight and eat healthy foods.

One Good Meal will not make your Fitness as well as One Bad Meal will not reduce your Fitness  

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