Avoid Lung Cancer By Clean Your Lungs After Smoking

Don’t Worry About Cigarette Smoking

Cigarette smoking is the dangerous habits which every men are used to do it. Now a days women’s also like to have a cigarette smoking habits. Many people really want to leave this habit but they can’t because of addicted to it. Since this habit followers know their lungs will get pollute and they are counting their life time days. Many people will used to have for their mind or heart frustration to make them relax.

However, this makes the people life time minimum. People who don’t smoke but they are breathing from others smoke also will lead to a problem. This makes your lungs damage and leads to death. But you can able to rectify it on your own…Read Below…

You can’t able to leave smoking…??? Just relax free, We are providing the solution for it. You can smoke at any time but keep in mind always to clean your lungs often from cigarette dust. Cleaning your lungs will increase your lifetime and you can come out of  danger stage. Later you can able to leave completely.

Solution For Cigarette Smokers – “Home Made Medicine”

A scientific research has been done to clean your lungs from smoke dust. The solution for smokers is that a medicine which can cure, which can be done by yourself at your home with simple ingredients.

Natural Home Made Medicine:

Our 5 – Ingredients for preparing it…

1.Turmeric powder – [2 table spoon]


2.Garlic – [400 grams sliced shortly]


3.Ginger – [1 with sliced shortly]


4.Jaggery Powder (Sugar) – [400 grams]


5.Water – [1 litre]


How To Prepare ???

Step 1:

Take a bowl add 400 grams of jaggery and kept in a slow heat temperature. Add ginger, garlic [sliced very small like a powder], turmeric powder and water. Everything gets into a mixture and raise the temperature to the medium level.

step 2:

Wait for a while to get boiled well. After boiled deeply makes to mix well and leave it for to cool.

Step 3:

Once the heat is cooled, pour it in a glass bottles and keep it in refrigerator. Use for it daily.

When To Have This Medicine ???

You have to take this medicine for two times in a day ie., Morning and Evening. 

Early morning you have to take 2 table spoon with empty stomach ie., before having breakfast.

Evening before two hours from your dinner time have to take 2 table spoon.


“You have to do some basic or minimum exercises while having this medicine so that you can be healthy and be fresh for the whole day” 

Later you will quit your smoking habit completely from this medicine

Know How Important Is This…

  • Adding turmeric powder is for, It has an ability to fight with diseases and act as anti-oxident. It increases your immune system and cleans all staging elements in the lungs.
  • Garlic contains ‘Allin’ when enters in our body will change to ‘Allicin’ and removes all fungus, bacteria, virus from lungs also for entire body.
  • Ginger contains ‘Gingerol’ will stop growing up lung cancer cells and tissues. Also removes cold from your lung and throws out through nose.
  • Jaggery powder is used for taste and to increase metabolic activity.

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