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Need Cardio Workouts

Visiting to gym or having constraint in your daily foods which will not be useful at all unless you should take our guide to make your cardio level good. We provides the best cardio workouts you can work from home without any equipment needed. Both Men and Women can do which provide better results.

Cardio Workouts – Thread Mill

Thread Mill workout is the most popular exercises for preventing the cardio diseases. The thread mill machine is used in all over gyms and houses which helps to do this workout. You can set the time and how much repetitions are taken everything you can seen it on a screen displays.

cardio workouts

How to Do ?

  • You have to do twice in a day or at least once in a day, minimum 20 minutes to an hour is good enough to maintain your cardio level.
  • There are two types of practicing one is High Intensity interval training [HIIT] and the other is Low Intensity Steady State cardio [LISS]. Both will deliver good results.
  • Initially, start with a slow walk and then gradually increase your speed level. This type of good exercises will prevent you from cardio diseases.

Cardio – Jumping Rope

cardio workouts

Jumping the rope is the another good cardio exercises which turns your blood to circulate all over the body equally and makes you active throughout the day. This is a common type of exercises where any aged people can do and bring out the good results.

How to do ?

  • Get a jumping rope, hold at the end of the rope’s grip and make your rope at back of your leg.
  • Now rotate your hand in clockwise direction and when your rope gets down at front of your leg, start jumping towards the rope gets back and continue.
  • Jump continuously up to 100 bouncers and take a long breathe, while jumping follow breathe in and breathe out process for respiratory systems.

Cardio – Squats with Arms Overhead

cardio workouts

Cardio squats exercises is the best workout for glutes, thighs, lower back and calf’s. This exercises makes you fit lower parts of your body.

How to do ?

  • Stand erect with one feet distance between your legs and raise your hands up straight to your shoulder.
  • Sit down like a chair position where your leg knee should not move forward to your foot fingers.
  • Sit in half position where your hands should be in 60 degree forward. Repeat it for three sets with around 20 reps. Your thigh and lower back will be more active and fresh.

Cardio – Cool-Down: Downward Dog

cardio workouts

This type of workout makes you to feel relaxed and provide free from mental disturbances. Simple workouts with high benefits for your body.

How to do ?

  • Initially, Stand straight and bent forward and place your hands on ground.
  • Don’t bent your knee or elbow, make raise up of your hips, heads should be faced down, your toe should be placed on ground fully.
  • Now take 5 reps of breathe in and breathe out or how much you can and then relax. Do it for 3 sets of repetitions makes your body fresh, cool and active.

Note: Always use mat for every cardio exercises.

The best Cardio Workouts Are As Follows:

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