Try This 5 Minutes Yoga To Cure Back Pain Quickly

Are you getting annoyed of your Back Pain ???

Back pain is most common, affecting everyone at all age peoples. Even school children getting a back pain because of lack of vitamins and health related problems. People with high fat, Old aged people, Working with computer etc., everyone are getting annoyed of back pain daily. This type of pain will not make you to be fit and your backbone will be bent down. To cure this pain, A simple yoga have to be follow by everyone at least 5 minutes.


Yoga To Cure Back Pain

You will take many types of medicines, foods, consulting various doctors but still you are getting pain and can’t be cured. Just think a moment that you ever hear to cure by Yoga – Asanas…? Yes ! definitely you can cure your pain easily by a simple asanas.



Simple asana that every one can do at the early morning at least 5 minutes.

Steps To Follow:

Step 1: 

Sit on the floor with legs stretched straight. Always use mat or long towel to sit or lie while doing asanas.

Step 2:

First, bent your right leg and thug to your left thigh and

Bent your left leg and thug to your right thigh.

Step 3:

Sit erectly in straight position exactly 90 degree. Rest your hand on your knee with chin mudra like displayed in the picture above.

Step 4:

Slowly take breathe in and breathe out and then take a deep breathe and release.

Continue this step for 5 minutes, you will be fresh always.


  • Cures Back Pain quickly
  • Strengthen you back bones
  • Increases blood flow constant throughout your body
  • Refreshing your brain cells, when you are doing at early morning.

People Should Not Do…:

People with joints ache or disc problems on your body should not do this exercises. Please consult the doctor.

If you are doing this might can cause some additional problems and our fitness team will not encourage those peoples to follow.

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